flasher 3

Flasher Units


The flasher units shown were developed to be used in conjunction with the ESD. They are a small compact unit and can operate on there internal battery or via a USB Power bank.


Three high intensity Red and Yellow LEDS flash at one second intervals; they can be seen from a distance of about 100m at night.


The internal battery will last for one day before it needs to be replaced.    


The Flasher units are housed in jiffy boxes with 4 versions displayed.


The difference between the versions shown are in design from using a Relay, Logic gates to Transister/IC switching


Please contact me for the cost per unit 


flasher 4






Flasher Unit with USB or Internal Battery option


This flasher unit is dual supply and can operate using power bank or internal battery


This unit lasted for 3 days when operating on the external power bank supply before the battery needed to be recharged.


It was just a matter of plugging power bank in to the battery charger to get back to 100%. 


Please contact me for the cost per unit